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Working America brings working people together to make change in our communities and across the country.

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Use our Vote Gain Calculator to compare how progressives can gain votes from digital contact, personal engagement and face-to-face conversations with Working America organizers.

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We have gone door-to-door having conversations with more than 10.9 million supporters.


We have over 3.5 million members nationwide fighting for good jobs and a just economy.


Since Donald Trump was elected, we've won 76% of the races we've worked in.
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Local Action

Local Action


I was sorry to see what was happening to my state and through Working America I was able to have an opportunity to speak out on these issues and connect with other like-minded people.
Brian Kinney
Minneapolis, MN


I enjoy working with Working America because it keeps me from staying home worrying about the state of politics, and helps me engage my friends and my community in the issues that matter most.
Rose McIlwain
Winston-Salem, NC


Working America is not just for some people: it's for everybody. All you need to be is a human being who is concerned about growing inequality and about workers getting stepped on.
Del Linville
Pittsburgh, PA


I joined because Working America provides a service for people who do not have a voice. I have always been interested in politics, and we hold politicians accountable to the general public.
Florence Price-Harrell
Greensboro, NC