Working America Education Fund

Good information and a strong voice on the issues that matter most for working people.

The Working America Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) public charity that reaches working people in their communities with good information on the issues that matter most. We focus on fostering good jobs, a fair economy and a democracy where the voices of working people count for more than the money of big corporate interests.

Working people in America have been left behind by the economic recovery and misled by the right wing. Many are fed up with politics and dismayed about how to hold politicians accountable.

That's where the Working America Education Fund comes in. Day after day – in partnership with Working America, the community affiliate of the AFL-CIO – the Fund reaches working-class neighborhoods with a conversation about good jobs and a fair economy. The Fund provides opportunities to build voice and power together to put the concerns of working people at the top of the policy agenda. 

The Fund also offers an alternative to the right-wing economic populism sweeping across the country. Whether it’s the national scandal over corporate tax evasion or a local fight for paid sick days or a higher minimum wage, the Working America Education Fund makes sure that working people have the information and tools they need to advance the interests of their families and communities.

The Fund supports:

  • Grassroots community education to defend rights and opportunities for all working families. It also develops educational materials on state-specific issues such as public education, family and medical leave and an analysis of who wins and who loses under various budget and revenue policies.
  • Online education on workers’ issues, including rights on the job and corporate accountability.
  • Strategic research for institutions, organizers and activists to promote good jobs, fair trade and a healthy and just economy.